GoFundMe Links

GoFundMe Links

The following links are to VERIFIED, legitimate GoFundMe Fundraisers for local victims of the River Fire. Thank you to MOLLIE PERRY for tracking all of these down and helping me to stay on top of getting these updated. You are amazing!

If an effort has met or exceeded its goal, I will be placing an asterisk (*) next to it – this is not to detract from any particular effort, but to help those who are specifically looking to donate to someone whose goal has not yet been met.

General Relief Fund – Proceeds of this fund will be distributed to community members who have lost their homes and need financial assistance. It is facilitated by April Noessel.

The Shuttleworths *

The Cooks

Marcy Gray

The Sanguinettis
The Sanguinettis 2
The Sanguinettis 3

The Ericksons

Whitney Isetta *

Rusty Wetzel

Cierra Lefebvre and Alex Guzman

The Hayes
The Hayes 2

Mike and Mackenzie Smith

The Varaninis *

Becky and Jeff

Marcella Snead

Emily Williams

The Millers

The Juvinalls

The Guzmans and Quabners

The Browns

Barry AcMoody

The Arants

The Ishmaels

The Kendalls and the Dolezals

Rosellen Rothchild

Jim and Donna Dion

Angela Schmidt and David French

John and Emily Mathe

Denise Clark and Jesse Bandy

Cheryl and Don Axton

Lizz and Jamie Porter

Lisa Stager

The Goetzes